Clan Relationships

:: Notes ::

The above ‘map’ is a graphical representation of the extant inter-clan relationships, and is intended both as a quick-ref, and a means of clarifying the overall relationships of FS clans.

Each arrow represents a clans overall opinion of, and feeling towards, the connected clan at the current point of roleplay. These opinions may have been very different in the past, and may change as the roleplay progresses.

The ‘allies’, ‘rivals’, and ‘enemies’ relationship statuses are usually mutual between subject clans. However, pairs of clan often differ in terms of neutral relationships, meaning that one may be vaguely friendly towards the other, whilst the other may be indifferent or vaguely hostile.

More detailed accounts of a clans feelings towards its peers can be found in their respective Clan Hubs.

:: Relationship Categories ::

A strong and widely friendly relationship between the clans, and tendency to side with one another because it’s them, and doing so is likely to result in reciprocation further down the line. May oppose one another on occasion, and may also fall prey to mild border disputes, but such events are rare and typically mild.

Neither enemies or allies, and have no particular liking or disliking for the clan. Whether or not they side with the clan is entirely dependent on the situation.

Neither enemies nor allies, but have a generally positive view of the clan, and are a little more likely to side with them than against them.

Neither enemies nor allies, but lean towards a more negative view of the clan, and are slightly more likely to side against them than with them.

A general competitiveness between the clans and strong tendency to argue or one-up one another – but capable of siding with / supporting one another should great enough incentive / need arise. May be prone to border disputes and scraps, but generally nothing long-lasting or serious, and both sides still able to see some good in the other.

Clans have little-to-no friendly views of one another and often disagree / fight with one another simply because it’s them. All but incapable of coming together, and at risk of spiralling into all-out battle at any time, and possibly with relatively little provocation.

The Valley

:: Notes ::

White shapes represent clan camps

Only the main river system is shown on the map. Smaller streams and pools exist in all clan territories.

The entrance to the Mooncave is located a little into the Wild Mountains, at the end of a dead-end pass.

The Salt Plain is a delta. Dashed lines along Salt Plain represent part of the border between Mudclan and Waterclan. However, this part of the border is constantly changing, because the two clans frequently clash over the delta. These border scuffles are particularly common during leafbear.

Clan cats believe the Wild Mountains to be impassable. However, they are riddled with passages, tunnels and caves, providing relatively easy access to clan lands (assuming one can decipher the maze) and reasonable homes for loners / rogues

Few clan cats know, or care about, what exists in the Wild Lands. To them, this region is merely the sketchy, hostile stretch of land travelled by their ancestors when they were forced to move from their original homes. It would be wrong – disrespectful, even – to disregard their ancestor’s sacrifices and struggles in favour of exploring such territory.

Herb Map

Coming soon...

The Wild Lands

:: The Deadzone ::

A large area of ground that is caught within the rain shadow of the Wild Mountains. It is always hotter and drier than the rest of the Wild Lands, and lacks both permanent water sources and decent shade. Most of its surface is bare rock and hardened earth, and only the hardiest of plants is capable of growing within its range, meaning that it also contains little prey and has little to offer to rogues or lones.

:: The RockFall Fields ::

A region of the Deadzone that regularly falls prey to rockslides from the Wild Mountains. It is perhaps the most dangerous area within the Wild Lands, and is consequently avoided by almost all cats.

:: The Shadowlands ::

Regions of dense forest that are surrounded by any manner of sinister myths and legends. Their reputation ensures that all but the toughest of felines keep well away – particularly given that few who enter their depths ever return.

:: Sting’s Moor, Talon’s Plain & Nettle’s Heath ::

Three regions of the Wild Lands that are ruled by rogue gangs. Although Talon’s Plain is an area that was claimed relatively recently, Sting’s Moor and Nettle’s Heath have existed since the clans moved into the Valley. Both are ruled by the direct descendants of their founders – Nettle and Sting – and the original members of the two gangs are known to have been amongst those that were driven from the Valley during The Purging.

:: The Village & Town ::

Although there are a handful of farmsteads to be found within the Wild Lands, The Village and The Town are the only significant two-leg settlements known to exist within this region. As consequence encounters with two-legs and their pets are uncommon-to-rare throughout most of the Wild Lands (though more frequent closer to the settlements), and it is unheard of for two-legs to appear within the Valley, although a handful of their kittypets have made it through the Wild Mountains in the past.

:: Additional Notes ::

It should be noted that the Wild Lands have changed since the days of the Valley Cats Ancestors. Originally, all regions were considerably drier and shorter on prey, but they have since grown slightly damper. However, one thing has not changed; these regions are still under the control of any number of rogues and lones, none of whom take kindly to strangers, and all of whom hate the so-called Valley Thieves (Clan cats).


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